Moving to Italy?

Moving to Italy?
I've hygraded my Italy posts and have come up with this bare bones list for moving to the area. Check out my posts on ins and outs of moving to Italy from a military wife perspective:

Incoming: Reserving Army Lodging Pet Room. These lodge pictures from Belgium are identical to the Ederle Inn in Italy. I know, I've stayed in both!

PCSing to Italy: Housing

Useful links if you're moving to Italy... including the base newspaper, what is bidet and how do you use it and  how to eat like an Italian.

PCSIng to Italy: Benvenuti and frustrations with internet

Unpacking. A military wife's guide

PCSing to Italy: Plugging stuff in 220 vs 110

PCSing to Italy: Jobs and Pets

PCSing to Italy: Vehicles

Things I couldn't live without in Europe

Taking the bus around Vicenza

My own solution to stuff to do to make friends and keep yourself from getting depressed.

Adventures in Italian Driving

Buying raw milk on the economy

European ovens/kitchen

Public restrooms (or lack of them)

Italian Hand Gestures... a funny version

Buying a new car in Italy.

Also, if you are interested in more reading more on Italian culture, holidays, cooking and lots of travel please see my blog tab on the home page, right hand side under Gotta Love Labels: Military in Italy: Stuff to Know.

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