Friday, July 22, 2016


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I had been in Oklahoma only once before we moved here last December.

It was on a family road trip from Louisiana and up into Oklahoma on I-35 and then, bam, the Sooner State was over. I'm sure half of the Oklahoma leg of the journey, I spent facing backwards yelling at the kids.  My entire perception of the state is based on this little drive-through snippet, The Grapes of Wrath, The Dust Bowl with a little Pioneer Woman thrown in.. When we got here at the end of last year it lived up to my expectation - everything was tan and brown and covered in Christmas lights.

Of course I was hopeful and willing to give it a chance. I figured there was a reason why this area was called "Green Country". Sure enough, April rolled around and suddenly everything came back to life.

Fast forward a few months - I've really been enjoying the surprise and wonder at what comes up in my yard and around Tulsa. In the yard, I've been taking pictures every month so next year I won't plant over anything spectacular. There have been some real gems that have shown themselves like this sweet baby that showed itself overnight this week:

This Naked Lady Amaryllis popped up overnight. Amazing.
I remembered my pruning class at Master Gardener school in Georgia. "Do not Crepe Murder the Crepe Myrtles!" I think I did okay with this one:

Crepe Myrtle - I have seven in my yard. They remind me of exploding fireworks.
I have a few pots going this summer. The ones on the front stoop need to be watered at least once a day. The heat from the paving stones make metal pots unworkable up there (I learned the hard way).

This geranium gives me such pleasure with it's hardy attitude and red bursts of beauty.
 I won't let it be overshadowed by it's neighbor, Miss Hibiscus (shown below)

Hello gorgeous! I'm saving seeds from this stunner for next year.

Two more Crepe Myrtles, Coneflower in the foreground

Hosta says "Hello, I'm blooming and thanks for not letting that beast trample me."
If you look closely, you  see the reason for the chicken wire.

Honeysuckle, and lots of it, grows like crazy all along the north fence. 
 I imagine things will dry up pretty toasty rolling into August with this 105 degree heat index we are experiencing this week but who knows... this first year is definitely an exercise in wait-and-see.

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