Monday, June 03, 2013

Getting Organized: PCS List

I was going through some old pictures on disc and I came across My Moving List before we PCSd (Permanent Change of Station/moved) to Belgium at the beginning of 2009.


Sometimes I'm amazed at the crap I can get done! And you know what's funny? This list went back about 12 months beginning with the prep to sell our house while my husband was deployed.

I thought maybe sharing my list would be helpful to someone who is moving. The list below is not meant to be a master list by any means but to show how I managed to break down a monumentally overwhelming task into more chewable pieces.

I started by brain dumping: writing every little thing weighing me down, tasks, research needed, things to buy etc. on a large master list and then:

1) I broke it out by month
2) Took each task and assigned it to a week.
3) Took each task and assigned it to a day

Every Monday I would print my list out and keep it in my moving folder which I would take everywhere with me. I would cross things off as I went and jot down follow up tasks in pencil at the bottom of the list to add to my master list.

This may seem like TMI to some of you but, believe me, when I had the mountain of moving my family and three pets overseas while setting up my 18 year old in the states... I did not know where to start and  I was losing sleep. I spun my wheels for months.

So, to all of my friends and blog readers who are PCSing... Good luck, Bon Voyage and you-can-do-it!

Thank goodness I get to skip this year!



@LLMilitaryWife said...

And at Christmastime too, wow! Great list...need to include it in my round up this week:-) Looks very much like mine!

edith said...

I barely remember this HA! It's like birth, we forget immediately after it happens so when we have to do it again we go into it cheerfully until it starts to get painful... then it's oh s^*t!

Shannon said...

Thanks Edith! We're moving back to the states and this helped me organize what I need to do in the next 3 weeks.

edith said...

I'm so glad this was helpful Shannon! Good luck on your move... try not to get overwhelmed! And congrats to your husband on his new job.