Thursday, June 13, 2013

An Ode to Upper Arms

In honor of sleeveless season... the conversation I had with myself in the mirror this morning:

Oh upper arms why are you so ungracious?
Why do you just lay there, the root of negative self thoughts?
 And memory of broken dates with barbells.
When I unclothe your fleshy dimples to the warm spring sun
And gasp at your paleness… and roundness
I yearn to hide you again.
Oh upper arms, why do you not coil into the muscle you once were?
My power, once effortlessly tightened around babe and bag,
The mysterious magic of easily moving spoon or shovel
 or drawing near my lover and cradling a sleeping child.

 Now your rusty sinew falls from achy shoulder to creaking elbow
 and skin flaps unseemly as I wave goodbye.
Goodbye to being effortlessly tight and twenty…
Oh upper arms, why?


Anonymous said...

SIGH you are singing my song oh flapping arms!!!

Judy Rae said...

Edith, you should have been at the "Poetry Jazz Night" on SHAPE last night! I would have given you a standing ovation. Bravo!

Cheers to 3/4 sleeves :)


edith said...

Flabby white arms UNITE! My husband read this post and said it was the weirdest thing I'd ever blogged LOL. I like throwing a curve ball every now and then LOL