Monday, April 29, 2013

Our Costa Cruise: Corfu, Greece

Not ones to shy away from a little walking, Husband and I opted to meander on foot into Corfu Town from the port. It took about 20 minutes but I didn't want to spend the 12 euro each for the cruise supplied bus ticket (which seemed absolutely ridiculous).
Besides it's not like we didn't need to burn calories!

The kids, once again, opted to stay behind and I didn't press it. It was their vacation too and they had been subjected to plenty  of FFF (Forced Family Fun). One day they will give themselves a good kick for missing the Greek Isles.

What to say about Corfu?

Corfu Town, the city by the port, is slightly rough around the edges but that's what makes it charming. It doesn't slather on the fake glossy face just for tourists - it is what it is. Perhaps that's reflective of the Greek economy right now, perhaps that's they way it has always been. I don't know. I just blew in for a few hours to I take it all in.

Corfu is a lush,  green island off the west coast of Greece. I mention it's lushness because now I know that the rest of Greece is pretty desert-y. The day we visited it was bustling with Saturday activity. A lot of locals were enjoying some leisure time on the esplanade, sitting under the shade of an umbrella, having a coffee while their kids kicked soccer balls around.
Ayios Spyridon Church steeple.
 We headed to the famous church in Corfu Town (pictured above). I shopped all along the street here and finally found myself a beautiful mortar and pestle made of olive wood. I also bought socks for P-Diddle who was stinking us out of our ship cabin with his rancid socks. I could hardly wait to get back and hermetically seal the dirty ones in a large zip lock and give him the new pairs.

We headed out to the Old Fort which was constructed beginning in the 16th century by those crazy Venetians. There were spectacular views out there. We stopped for a sandwich for my hangry Husband, who was suffering from low blood sugar and I had myself a  terrible and expensive glass of wine.

I am ruined for wine by Italy. Just saying.

Crossing the bridge to the Old Fort

We stopped here for a sandwich and bad wine. Fortunately, the view made up for the food and drink.
After hoofing it up to the top of the hill out at the fort and walking to town, I was worn out and hungry so we started strolling back to the ship... along the water....

Taking our time watching the kids swimming and old Greek men fishing...
looking at the fishing boats, some the worse for wear...
and drowsy dogs enjoying the spring sunshine.

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