Friday, April 05, 2013


I bet you thought that the word cappuccino was the proper Italian term for that delectable coffee drink that mixes espresso with steamed milk. Well, I've discovered that it's not so... using the word cappuccio identifies you as a true Italian and separates you from the tourist.

I'm not sure why. The word cappuccino means little hood and refers to the monk's garb - the color of it. Eventually it was used to refer to the drink. The word cappuccio means just hood.

That's all I know and now you know too.

Italians love their coffee and keep it affordable. I rarely spend over $2 for a cup like this and this one at our local pasticceria Ferracina's  cost 1.40 euro (about $1.75). There is a difference in price between standing at the bar and drinking and sitting at a table. As you can see, we enjoyed sitting and paid about 10% more for the privilege. Usually Italians are not into lingering over their coffee. They happily order an espresso, throw it back and pay all within 2 minutes. Since our town is loaded with Americans, they have plenty of seating for us lingerers.

By the way, in Italy croissants are not called croissants... they are called brioche. This particular version is brioche al cioccolato (brioche with chocolate). It was delightfully yummy and I took a bite for you. It was an additional $1.60 each.

Wish you were here!!!

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Anonymous said...

woohoo that looks delicious...unfortunately I gained a pound just looking at it!!
Love you Guys
Ma and Pa inlaw