Tuesday, August 07, 2012

I quit!!!!

I quit my job!

I can't tell you how relieved I am.

Aaaaahhhhhhh, big sigh.

I was toiling away as per usual and everything was going along swimmingly at my clerk job. I was all set to receive a "promotion" on July 31st in which I would be supervising one person and receiving a $1/hour raise. Then I was informed that some changes were coming when my company negotiated a new contract with our fine government.

The new terms of my employment were that I would be accepting a $2/hour decrease in pay and only 50 cents raise for the promotion. A net loss of $1.50/hour for more responsibility. I wasn't getting paid very much to begin with.

I didn't like the job much anyway... very boring and then I would come home after my daily four hours and have to battle the inertia that had built up from being mind numbingly bored at work.

So, now that the shackles are off, I've got plans!

I'm going to hem my curtains.

Try to make homemade mozzarella (following the example of The Pioneer Woman) Friends, Fun...and Cheese.

Manicure my toenails (they have been terribly neglected).

Dust under my bed.

Work on my quilt which I haven't seen since 2007 when I got salmonella from licking the end of the thread whilst making a batch of homemade raw chicken dog food. Remember this? Who needs Weight Watchers?

Travel more locally: there are a lot of day trips I'm dying to go on.

Go to the gym. Yeh, um, well. We'll see how this goes but my intentions are good.

and, last but not least, I will also be devoting more energy to this blog. Mostly because I won't be able to help myself... I'll need the outlet! See ya soon!


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Anonymous said...

Just think what good shape you will be in after spending lots and lots of time at the gym. You will be awesome! K & R

edith said...

Oh and I forgot to mention that I'm investigating taking some classes online at UW to finish my degree!

Anonymous said...

Woo! Hoo! You go, girl. Kathie

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Viceroy De Los Osos said...

How are the toenails coming?