Thursday, May 31, 2012

Off to Norway

P-Diddle and I enjoying the view and temperate weather
 at Oscarborg Fortress - an island in Oslo Fjord.

My Norsk relatives - we had a coffee and some chocolate cake at a cafe YUM!
Husband, P-Diddle and I flew to Norway on the 8th of May to pick C-Bear up from her Folkehogskolet. Yes the school year has flown by quickly and poor C-Bear had to be ripped from the bosom of her new Norwegian friends and her cozy dorm room. Insert sad face here.

As we helped C-Bear move, we were hosted by my lovely cousin, three kids and her husband at their home near Oslo. They put us up in their boy's room - this very cool room with four built in bunk beds (very comfortable-  Husband says they do his back good) and have little curtains covering the entrances of them (kind of like those sleeper berths on trains from old movies). I am especially fond of the electrical outlets in each bunk (excellent for plugging in my kindle and phone).

My cousin (pictured above) has finished up school now and is so happy with the challenge of her new prestigious job working for the agency in Norway that protects children and their rights. I am so excited for her! She has worked so hard to get where she is... inspiring!

Her husband is a good cook and we are in love with his chicken quesadillas and Saturday morning omelets. He is always very quiet when we first see him as he is apparently shy about speaking English. BUT, once he starts talking he comes up with some wicked excellent puns in English. I can tell when he's thinking one up because he keeps walking back and forth to his laptop with a pensive look on his face (he's looking up word definitions). He and Husband also love to wax poetic about beer, motorcycles and old cars.

We were in Norway for four days. We flew in Tuesday night. On Wednesday, C-Bear was busy at her school so the three of us took a walk and had some coffee in town with cousin and her daughter. We parted ways and we took the ferry over to Oscarborg Fortress. I had visited with this island with C-Bear and E-Dude (blog post is here Norway was fab!) 1.5 years ago but P-Diddle and Husband hadn't seen it... and of course it was a different time of year!
In a  bunker at the fortress we came across this art show highlighting photos of people in the background of WW2 photos. Natural light shines in from windows in the bunker walls.
Bird's nest next to  bunker doorway.

View south down Oslo Fjord from a turret on the island.

On our walk around the island.

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