Tuesday, February 28, 2012

U.S. Military PCSing to Vicenza, Italy: Jobs and Pets

Getting a job on base:
Finding a job on base can be very difficult. Because of the SOFA (status of forces agreement) the base has to hire 80% (or something like that) local nationals and the rest of the spots are filled with Americans. Many are civilian sponsored jobs (people who are shipped over and have all the benefits the military members have). I have a job as a contractor that I luckily procured in Belgium. When we PCSd, I transferred. I probably get asked twice a week how I got my job and if I know of any jobs.

That said, there is a new annex base that will be opening between Fall 2012 and Winter 2013. There will probably be some jobs available to spouses around that time.

In the meantime, I will say that if you want to work at the PX or commissary you probably could get a job fairly easily.

About your pets... I say (my opinion) that if the animal is your family pet, and you want to feel like you "live" over here bring it.

We are very attached to our pets and brought over our dog and two cats. It was probably the biggest stress of travelling over though but I'm glad I have them. The cats fit under the seats in front of us on the plane and cost $125 each. The dog we arranged with the airline and shipped him on the plane we were on for $300-$400 or something like that.

This was three years ago and prices may have changed. There is a lot of planning required for bringing your pets over but it is worth it.

This blog: Life Lessons of a Military Wife has more in-depth information on shipping pets and she's also a fabulous resource for military living in Europe.

For kenneling locally: there is no military kennel here but there are kennels over here on the economy that are nice but PRICEY! I have heard great things about these two places but haven't tried them for myself:
I also belong to Facebook page for Caserma Ederle dog owners. I know I keep bringing up Facebook but it really is an unbeatable way to connect with other Americans (and Italians) who have a common interest. It's called Vicenza Doggie Club and you need to ask to join.

 There are also other military families that will either trade pet care or watch your dog (for cash) while you travel. Connect with them on the facebook page above.

One of the base annexes here has a vet clinic for basic pet health care.

As far as landlords allowing pets (and this was true for Belgium too)... 80% of the time, the landlords say in their postings that they won't allow pets but it's really about them wanting to get a good look at you, size up whether you'll trash the place and then they will allow the animal. Every place we went to said "no pets" including the government lease that we're in now but they quickly signed a waiver to get us in there. Europeans landlords are much easier about pets than American landlords, I've found. Italians love love love their dogs!!! Don't be put off by rentals that say "no pets". Look at them all as if they allow pets and then ask about the animals after. You might find a few that are firm about it but most will allow pets.


Brock Phillips said...

Thanks for the info. I was definitely looking into houses which allowed pets only. Once again, THANKS!!

edith said...

Your welcome! I hope it worked out for you!

Jose said...

Edith, great write up! My wife and I are scheduled to PCS to Vicenza in the near future. We want to bring our two dogs and one cat. Do we need to ask for special permission to bring over more than two pets? Thanks!

edith said...

Jose, no, you don't need special permission to bring your pets over. I say "do it" but be aware of the expense and rigamarole you will have to go through to fly them here :-)