Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just a little sabbatical

...and I'll be right back.

 Around mid-February is what I'm thinking.

I'm feeling a little disenchanted with the internet and watching other people over-sharing. All this makes me feel self conscious.

There's also the redundancy that's happening now that everyone is on Facebook. The reason I started this blog was to share daily with family across the country. Now Facebook fills this niche.

I know other bloggers feel it. Just wondering where I will go (if anywhere) with this blog.

Tune-in in a few weeks to find out.

Comments/suggestions? I'm listening.


Life Lessons Military Wife said...

Always loved the photos, your trips and daily life! I have another friend where you are and her blogposts on the newness of everything is hilarious!

Richard and Kathie said...

We really miss keeping abreast of what is going on in your lives. Also we miss the outstanding photos that you post. We check your blog every day for something new. We hope you don't give up on doing it but will understand if that is your final decision.

maggie g. said...

What?! Don't stop! we would miss Edith's Head! You are the inspiration for my blog and also the couch to 5K.
I steal all the best ideas from you... your fantastic writing and you amazing photos!