Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vicenza Antique Market

Recently, Husband and I headed to Vicenza for the monthly antique market.

On market day, all the stores and restaurants stay open even though it's Sunday.   

My favorite pastime is people- (and dog-) watching. Vicentino's love their dogs!

But they don't feel the same about their horses.
We ate here. Husband contemplated the menu and settled on a salad.

Vicenza has a really great blend of all the things I love in a city... historical buildings, great shops, museums, great transportation, abundant green space and good food. Plenty to see and do.

All vibrant cities have one thing in common and Vicenza is another great example: people actually live in the downtown core. Above and behind the shops you will find people living their lives.
They do their shopping, have their morning coffee in a cafe, go to church, walk their dog, eat out.

Whenever I need a quick dose of humanity, I'm heading downtown.

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