Friday, September 09, 2011

C-Bear's Adventure in Norway: Part 2


My legs are killing me. 

We went on an eight hour hike in the mountains on Wednesday. It was a three day trip to a place called... er well I can't remember the name. Anyways I don't want to go into too much detail because I want you to experience it for yourself the next time you come to Norway. I'm dead serious. It is an experience I will NEVER forget! And I was thinking of you the whole damn time. I know you would love it so much! It's a lot of hard work but in the end you don't regret a single minute. You should buy us some hiking gear (I had to borrow the school's) and I'll join you in the mountains :D You'd love it, I promise! 

I feel like I can climb any mountain and stand on top of the world :D 
But onto other things. We start our extra classes soon. Me and Signe picked every exercise class on the list and are ready to commit. We both agree that we've been spending too much time eating candies and tapping on our computers and not enough time eating fruit and running up and down the stairs :D 

Tomorrow me and Signe are going to check out the club scene. We may be the only ones in the school who haven't been to the local bar yet. Haha.

Apparently it's quite popping. I have a friend who is still sporting a boob injury from last weekend. I'll be careful, don't worry. I'll try to hang around people I'm sure won't try to bite me in the chest and I won't talk to any random guys unless I have a billion of my friends around me ^^ AS ALWAYS. 


John Smith said...

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maggie g. said...

I just love Carol.
She can climb any mountain and is savvy enough to protect her boobs. She is completely full of awesome!