Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Warm and Sunny

Yeh. Not feeling it but...

It hasn't rained here in over thirty days. Not one drop. Today it's supposed to.... well a 40% chance of it. Being from the Pacific Northwest, I like rain. Too much sun and heat makes me crabby. Or in my case: crabbier

P-Diddle FINALLY started school on Monday. He was nervous but came home the first day cheerful so all is well. This was a big relief to me because when my kids are stressed, I'm stressed. I'm not good at detaching myself from their emotions. Therefore, I didn't sleep too well either the night before the first day of school.

C-Bear left for Norway almost two weeks ago and I'm in a bit of a funk. You wouldn't think the loss of one warm body would make such a difference but it does and I miss her, her silly giggle and spot-on fashion advice. It really sucks not having internet because I was counting on skype and regular emails.

I know that C-Bear is having the adventure of a lifetime and that fact smooths my feathers.

Don't get me started on the internet... ridiculous! I can't feel "moved-in" unless I am connected. I am lugging my laptop to the library and ACS to update my finances and sneaking in blog entries and emails at work. Weekends suck because I have to go two or three days without checking in and I'm worried something will go wrong with one of the older kids and I won't know about it.

P-Diddle had to handwrite an assignment yesterday that was supposed to be done on the computer with pictures and visuals and printed out but alas, our printer is wireless. Can't use a thumb drive any more - security risk. Can you tell I'm irritated?

Moving on (or trying to)...

E-Dude has finished his first term with STRAIGHT As! Can you believe it? I can - he's a smarty. He just registered for Fall Quarter so he is chugging along and doing a marvelous job balancing his job at a paintball place and school.

Back to the no internet - my blog feels naked without the usual visuals. A picture really does say a lot when I'm not feeling particularly wordy and sunshine-y... like right now!

On that note... just wanted to let you all know I'm alive. Back to work.

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