Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Still no internet nor any hint that they know we are alive. We went into the office on the 24th and they told us that it would take up to 10 days to get a phone call just to make an appointment to come set it up... we are past that. The fact that we are now in August also stacks the cards against us. Italians (90% of them) take their summer holiday in August.

Thus, no pictures on my blog. Sorry.

Today is the one month anniversary of our arrival in Italy.

I think I'm going to like/love it here but just like anywhere I'm going to have to adjust. Belgium was so sleepy and laid back (at least where we were). You could walk or ride your bike on any of the streets and not fear for your life even though the roads are narrow and in disrepair, I felt safer - here things are crazy and Italians drive like nuts... it's a different world.

Our house here is sweet though... It's in a suburb of Vicenza and, as luck would have it (and everything about housing in the military is luck), is one of the nicer areas around.

The house is actually a triplex - we have Americans on either side of us who moved in the same week... it's brand new, three stories, very modern. Marble-type  (not sure if they're real) floors with floor heating, solar panels, AC, fairly large fenced back yard with a palm tree. The kitchen is twice as big as Belgium's, 4 bathrooms (3 with bidets that I use for holding TP) and three bedrooms. It's plunked down in a new housing area but we are abutting some older houses including the original farmhouse that owned all the land these new houses are being built on.

Our new town has a large market every Sunday within walking distance of us. Takes about an hour to walk through and has at least a hundred vendors: lots of clothes, decor, underwear, kitchen tools, shoes, fruits and vegies, cheeses, deli type stands for a quick Sunday dinner.

I have to be honest here... I miss my Belgium and the bucolic setting of the Belgian chateau in the countryside. I know I will grow to love it here but it's definitely different, and hey, the roof doesn't leak and I have air conditioning!

We get all our furniture on Friday. Would have had it sooner but we have been gone (me working full time and Husband travelling for work). Can't wait to be surrounded by my things. The older I get, the more comforted I am by my belongings... I know that sounds old and crotchety but it's the truth.

Last weekend we went to dinner at a restaurant that Husband had tried before on his "go-see" Italian trip in May - very tasty and afterwards we went to a gelateria right by our house... super yummy! My favorite is definitely limone (lemon). We sat outside in the dark and watched the lightning. Pretty typical summer weather here is blistering hot days and stormy evenings. We also got to our local grocery store (150 feet of pasta aisle - AMAZING) and the mall.

C-Bear is visiting family in the states and having her gone has been a real eye-opener for me. The house is so empty and quiet and weird. Having just one kid at home means no conflict between the kids = silence which, to me, is disturbing after 21 years of noisy-kids-cacophony.

This year is going to be a transition for me, big time!

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