Monday, July 11, 2011

Vicenza, Italy

On Saturday, we ventured into the city of Vicenza.

It's a pretty easy trip on Bus 1 from the gate of Caserma Ederle (this is the base where we are staying at the Army Lodge). Unfortunately we stayed on the bus too long and ended up on the edge of town in a parking lot adjacent to a field.

We started walking off to find our way but I decided to be assertive and went back to talk to the bus driver who was having a smoke. He kindly walked us to the proper bus, told us the stop we were looking for and said a few words in Italian to the other bus driver. We were off again.

Just five minutes later we were in the center of town... beautiful.

We arrived though during pausa pranzo, the three hour lunch break. Everything but ice cream stores were closed. Luckily we were just 15 minutes away from everything opening up. Just enough time for an ice cream (for Patrick) and a limon granita for me YUM.
We wandered. Lots of shopping, quaint streets, fabulous architecture, old buildings, churches. The famous pastels buildings I associate with Italy. I'm in love!

After a quick tour we headed back to base because we now live where we can watch first run movies IN ENGLISH. We had a date with Transformers 3 on base.

Here are some pictures of our new city...


Jessica said...

Brings back memories! Before moving to Mons I lived in Verona and it was heaven. I really enjoyed Vicenza too. I'm so jealous, I miss Italy!!!

Jessica (Hey, Mons!)

edith said...

Jessica, yeh, I know i'm so lucky! Vicenza was way more than I expected. What a gorgeous, historic town! What happened to your blog BTW?

Peggy said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for linking to my blog. Welcome to Italy! Peggy

edith said...

Your welcome Peggy - love your blog! It has certainly been helpful for me.

Jessica said...

I still have it redirects to the new one. I changed it because we are also leaving Mons and moving across the border to France next week!

edith said...

Hey Jessica - good luck with that!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful city. Patrick must be happy he loves Italy!!