Friday, June 17, 2011

Moving Part I

I'm tearing the house down. I'm getting to be an expert at this particular activity. I wander around the house with a list, and a bucket of ziplock bags of all sizes. Bit by bit I tackle junk drawers, cupboards, file cabinets, tv area and THE GRAND HORROR: the kids rooms. I usually save that one for last before moving onto the below items.

If you don't sort, you receive moving boxes at your destination that are a mess of junk and it takes forever to sort and put everything away.

When done with that it's onto removing garbage, broken stuff, cleaning carpets, curtains, getting rid of food, cleaning everything high up (cause the movers usually take my ladder) and recycling.

Did you know that it's damn near impossible to give away a TV nowadays that's not a skinny flat screen? I can't find someone to take (let alone buy) my 200 pound, 40 something inch, sony flat screen. It causes me great pain to leave it at the dump. Any Belgium readers want it?

The movers come on Wednesday. I'm expecting 7 of them - one of them will speak English very well. They will pack boxes for two days and then roll up a couple of trucks and crate all of our belongings on the third day -Friday.

Over the weekend we will clean, clean and more clean and eat out and sleep on air mattresses. Sounds like fun? Not really. It's frustrating to go to the kitchen and not even have a glass for water or soap to wash hands. I'm always looking at the wall where the clock was and wishing for a soft place to sit down. I usually plan ahead for basic needs but always forget something important.

The good news for me is that (experience tells me) the minute all of our household belongings drive off on the truck I am filled with an overwhelming sense of relief and well-being.

I will be skipping and cheering and looking forward to moving on... to the hotel for 10 days.

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