Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sorry Faithful Readers...

I see that you stop by (some of you every day) and I feel horrible that I don't have anything new up here.

I'm in the midst of a tornado of shit. The moving frenzy has begun.

This past week was all about cars (and spending LOTS of money$$$$), housing inspection and trying to get my landlord to pay for a bathroom door we had to break down because the lock broke (long story - too long for me right now).

C-Bear had her Oklahoma opening night on Thursday. She doesn't want us to see her until they have a few performances under their belt... this Friday we're going.

Next week is all about finishing up at work and getting Italian Visas (costs LOTS of $$$$$ - fortunately we'll be reimbursed). And getting C-Bear ready for prom and graduation.

And I got a nibble on my Volkswagen. Trying to sell it.

I loves youse guise. Don't stop visiting!!!!


Viceroy De Los Osos said...

Go Edith Go! I am living my European Odyssey through you. What an adventure. Hang in there.

maggie g. said...

Good luck with everything.. moving along with all of the other end of school year stuff sounds more than stressful. Don't worry about your faithful readers... we will be here when you are out of your shit tornado... a beautiful term that I haven't heard before but am totally stealing! Hang in there girlfriend!

****Veteran Military Wife at Life Lessons of a Military Wife**** said...

Lady, I was just at your office the other day asking about you...they said you were very busy...obviously, huh? Even if you need to take a break from us....we know we are all looking forward to great things to be said about your PCS and I will wait patiently til then! Please stay connected!!! I know of only ONE other spouse blogging in Italy:-((

edith said...

Awwww... thanks for the encouraging words. I NEED THEM!

Maggie, you like that one? It's yours!

Eric, wish you and Lorraine could come visit!

R. only three more days of work. I will be blogging from Italy - not much info out there - it's pretty pathetic.

Judy said...


You're not alone. Packers come on Tuesday and we fly to Brussels Saturday. Hopefully (for you) your car will be sold by the weekend. If by chance it's not, we'll be in touch. It looks perfect!

We'll do our best to make it to one of the June showings of Oklahoma. My girls would love it!

edith said...

Wow, Judy... way cool! You're about three weeks ahead of me in the moving department.

Sorry but the car sold right away - I knew it would. Welcome to Belgium!