Sunday, April 17, 2011

Three Cheers for P-Diddle!

P-Diddle competed in the European Zone Pepsi Youth Bowling Championships this past week at Ramstein, Germany. He has bowled with the youth league on SHAPE for the past two years so back in the Fall we decided to take a few days in Spring and attend this event so he could experience competitive bowling.

When P-Diddle attends Youth League every Saturday morning at ten, he stumbles into the bowling alley all bleary-eyed from video game playing the night before and usually bowls anywhere from the 90s to the 140s (his average was 113). He did qualify for the tournament though - his handicap was 97.

So we show up on Wednesday morning to this massive bowling alley. It's loaded with kids carrying their fancy Slingshot bowling balls, wrist braces, liquid bandaids, bowling towels, shoe covers, tense parents, pacing coaches. SHAPE had one of the largest teams.

We bought a coffee and settled in not knowing what to expect.

P-Diddle immediately bowled a 160 (that's without handicap) a 134 and a 186 (his all time high) and the rest was pretty much more of the same. He consistently bowled in the 130s with and qualified for the finals on Friday. We were actually expecting to be done on Thursday. 

On Friday P-Diddle bowled ELEVEN GAMES!!! Attention grown-ups reading this: Have you felt what your ass and arm feels like after bowling 2 or 3 games? Think about bowling 11 games straight!!???

I was expecting flagging scores, blisters and gutter balls but P-Diddle had nerves of steel and determination. He bowled a 119, 148, 183, 102, and a 136. He placed 4th in the Boy's over 12 Handicap Bowling and won $165 scholarship!



Anonymous said...

you are the best!
your proud grand parents

****Veteran Military Wife at Life Lessons of a Military Wife**** said...

Awesome Patrick! I am duly impressed!