Monday, February 21, 2011

Um, yeh.

about this weight loss thingie....

this last 13 pounds is not going so well and in order to not demoralize myself any longer, I'm going to remove the (see below) weekly weigh-in from the sidebar and add it to the Healthy label. I'll still update the post weekly if you're interested in my progress.

I just don't have my head in the game right now.

My mantra for the next 6-9 months?
Maintenance, get moving and more maintenance!

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Last year I lost 44 lbs! I have 13 lbs to go to reach my goal of 150 lbs. I'm going to git it gone by May(that's my goal anyway)!

01/03/11: 163 lbs
01/10/11: 165 lbs
01/17/11: 163 lbs
01/24/11: 160 lbs
01/31/11: 164 lbs
02/07/11: 163 lbs
02/14/11: 163 lbs
02/21/11: 163 lbs
02/28/11: 162 lbs
03/07/11: 160 lbs

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