Friday, January 07, 2011

How to make Brioche with Bisquick

C-Bear comes to me yesterday with a wad of French recipes and says "I have to make something and film it for my French final". oh and "it's due tomorrow".

All the recipes were in French, involved yeast and were stuff I don't usually cook.

C-Bear piece-mealed together some ingredients for Brioche and prepared it solo (well, P-Diddle played the role of Assistante). Note the butter cubes that never got melted, the yeast that never proofed and the bisquick that had to make up for lack of flour.

Love It!


Thomas said...

I love this. It has a certain je ne sais pas.

Richard & Kathie said...

G-ma and G-pa

maggie g. said...

Merci! Karl and I just watched this together and cracked up through the whole film... too funny and very Euro... you guys are the most fun family ever!