Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jazz Hands

P-Diddle, quite simply, loves music.

He has a natural talent for it - he can hear a song once and memorize the tune and most of the words and sing it for you later- it's uncanny and fantastic all at once. He is famous for driving us nuts with his little ditties and crazy beats and funny mouth sounds.

Last year (his first year in band), we attended his first concert and he was absolutely lit on fire afterwards... about the big sound, the audience response and the technical aspects of the performance. Believe me we heard about every nuance.

It is absolutely the best feeling to watch your child so excited about something!

This year, in addition to playing the drums he is in the choir and enjoying it very much. Their performance was very entertaining and included some fairly complex choreography for one of the numbers, Boogie Woogie Santa. I think the whole Glee craze has inspired the choir kids. The audience loved it! P-Diddle loved it! It was so fun to see.

Unbeknownst to us, this week P-Diddle asked his teacher if he could learn another instrument so now he is learning the trumpet! He will practically be a one man band.

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