Monday, September 27, 2010


I've been so BUSY! Dammit. I keep meaning to write but then stupid things like taking the dog out to pee or work comes up. Or, more likely, someone else is on the computer.

We had a lovely visit with Husband's parents - never made it to Amsterdam but we did go to some cool places like the shipping locks at Thieu, the Gallic-Roman Museum in Ath, Paris for the quickie tour. It was also fun to just hang out and play cards. Especially since Father-In-Law and I pretty much beat Mother-In-Law and Husband badly at cribbage. Okay, okay so they won the last match but that was planned just so my MIL wouldn't leave BITTER. JK JK - you know I love you!

They left a week ago and the house felt EMPTY even with all five of us still here.

I finally feel like we are settling in for Fall. E-Dude got a job and starts on Chievres Air Base tomorrow. I'm working full time for three weeks, C-Bear is busy with her Senior year and playing tennis every day after school and P-Diddle is rubbing his hands together in anticipation of his birthday next weekend.

It's getting cold out and this morning I went to turn the heat on and five of the radiators - not cooperating. They need to be bled or something.

Last year when the heating guy came to read the meters in November, we were shivering and wandering around in our coats indoors because the same thing happened. Apparently if you turn your heat off in the summer, there's some magic trick when it comes time to turn them back on.

The meter reader tapped on the radiators a few times with a hammer and PRESTO they emanated the lovely toasty heat you would expect from such a fixture.

This morning - me in my wooly bathrobe with the cats looking on: hammer.hammer.hammer.nothing. Repeat. nothing.

I must call someone. In the meantime, my fingers are freezing as I type this so I'm going to put them under my armpits and do some indoor jogging.


****Veteran Military Wife at Life Lessons of a Military Wife**** said...

I am having the EXACT same problem with about 1/3 of our radiators (we always had forced air heat and this radiator business is new to me). I tried the bleeding thing, and it only helped with one of them. Our landlord is non-existent pretty much....I'll try the hammer thing next...thanks for the tip...

edith said...

I googled "bleeding your radiator" and found some new information I'm going to try (along with the hammer). I've got my fingers crossed... Good luck to you too!