Saturday, June 26, 2010

In other potty news...

I had an absolutely wonderful time on my trip to the Pacific NW bonding with my brother who just happened to be on vacation the first week I was in town.

He and I decided a nice trip to visit our 93 year old Grandma and aunt and uncle across the state was in order. In fact, we decided to take the "long way" and drive the a scenic two-lane highway instead of the freeway since I had never been. E-Dude came along willingly.
We started early in the morning, stopped lots along the way. Around noon I started in on my big 1.5 liter bottle of water (I drink lots on my diet). My brother assured me that we would hit a bathroom at the Grand Coulee Dam in about an hour. I drank away.
My brother and son are very entertaining on a car trip. First off my bro can imitate anyone and is quite witty and quick. E-Dude is the same. We laughed and had a grand old time.

By the time we were nearing Grand Coulee I truly did need to use the bathroom. Badly. We pulled up at the Dam, which I hadn't seen before, and stopped for a quick picture. Once I stood up to get out of the car I realized that yes, it was time to go potty. Add to that the sound of rushing water... Good God! I took a super quick picture and waddled in a pee-holding-walk back to the car.

We drove the extra mile to the visitors center and bathroom, parked and got out. We were in the parking lot, walking to the center when my son told the absolutely most disgusting, impolite, potty-humor story and I just bust out laughing. I said "STOP, I'M GOING TO PEE MY PANTS". My brother thought that was funny and did an imitation of a have-to-pee, butt out, belly scratching walk and I said again... "STOP, I'M REALLY GOING TO PEE MY PANTS!."

E-Dude and Brother laughed uproariously at their own jokes and my obvious discomfort. I was laughing hard too and, long story short, I didn't make it into the Visitors Center.
My brother, so sympathetic, took this picture of me looking chagrined and embarrassed and has reveled in this story since. Another one classified under "GOOD STUFF".

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