Saturday, June 26, 2010

E-Dude's Misadventures

So I arrive after a long flight from Amsterdam to the door of our condo in the Pacific Northwest (where E-Dude is living) and knock politely. I had expected to be showered with hugs and kisses and welcomed by my oldest son but instead the door is flung open and I get this...


followed by a large exhalation.

Hmm, I say... what happened?

Well the jist of the long explanation that ensued was that E-Dude and a friend had been experimenting with fireworks and wanted to see if this depth sound firecracker thingie would actually ignite under water. Guess what?
It did.

What was left was a large gaping hole in the bottom of the toilet, rendering it useless.
Put aside the questions you may have about why he was igniting firecrackers indoors and ask the question you really want to ask: where has E-Dude been toileting since this unfortunate escapade? It was the first question I had. The answer: at the City Bus Station. I had to stifle a laugh at this. Just pondering the logistics of E-Dude making this work over the past few months had me in a jet-lagged, punchy and poorly stifled guffaw.
In fact, the longer I thought about it, the funnier the whole thing seemed to me. My brother aptly categorized this misadventure under "Good Stuff" to be laughed about in about 10 years and I concur.

My brother also gave E-Dude his first lesson in putting in a new toilet and here he is upon his new throne.

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