Sunday, January 03, 2010


C-Bear celebrated her birthday with the usual fanfare. We do breakfast in bed, stupid hat, dinner and day activites of your choice (within reason). C-Bear requested chocolate chip pancakes et al for breakfast and chicken enchiladas and cat box cake for dessert. Pictures follow...


Mindy said...

Edith Happy New Year! Carol 17 WOW! I guess we are getting really old now huh? I guess that is on my mind now that I am 45. Ugh, I hate typing that, saying it out loud is worse.

Oh, well to be honest I am just glad to have a almost straight spine. I was on my way to being a cripple old lady, now I will be straight for many years to come.

It's funny.... I thought this would be the worst thing ever...this surgery. But it turns out, I have spent so much time with family, my parents and in-laws. I still can't drive, so I feel a bit like I am 15 again. But really it hasn't been that bad.
Ok, I am going to try to get Drake down for bed AGAIN. He is a night owl.... 10 or 11 is the norm.

Happy New Year again~ Love, Mindy

Richard & Kathie said...

Carol...17...How did the time fly her cousin Logan..was 29 on the second...OLD I AM..
G-Ma of Carol