Saturday, October 31, 2009

Teenage Drama is...

C-Bear. She can be very dramatic.

She also takes drama in school and I attended her second class play after work on Wednesday. My-Army-Guy, P-Diddle and I snuck in after the play started and C-Bear didn't see us there.

We were stuck in the back of the dark drama classroom, hidden in the shadows of file cabinets.

What we saw was a great play put on by some very enthusiastic students but do you know who the star was?
The person who in her closing soliloquy had everyone riveted, the one who other parents took cell phone pictures of, the one who emoted heartbreak and teen angst so beautifully as she clutched a daffodil to her cheek on center stage that there was sniffling to be heard throughout the dark room?


She is a very talented actress. I hardly recognized her up there I was so caught up in her performance.
After the play, C-Bear received huge applause and was glowing with happiness and glee at her success for the whole evening... and the rest of the week.

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