Monday, October 05, 2009

Jumping for Joy

...cause all my chicks are in the nest!
Here's some pictures from E-Dude's visit. He's been sick most of the visit so we haven't done much (which I think pleases him just fine). He's on the mend now.

Today, while C-Bear and P-Diddle are in school, he and I are hitting the Belgian mall for some shoes and eating a waffle, tomorrow it's Brugges, Wednesday he leaves.

P-Diddle eating his favorite meal for his 13th birthday dinner... Spaghetti (Aunt K's recipe)

In the park behind city hall in Mons

Brotherly love
Self family portrait at P-Diddle's birthday dinner.
Grandma and Grandpa: that's YOUR birthday cash P-Diddle is drooling all over... thank you!

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Anonymous said...

Patrick is certainly welcome .. But the best present I'm sure is the visit from big bro.
G-ma and G-pa