Thursday, September 03, 2009

YES! it feels like Fall.

The weather has changed! Hooray! I've now slept 3 nights in a row without the fan blasting over our bed causing me to wake up with dry mouth and chapped lips. Today it's windy and rainy. Aaaah.... balm to a Pacific NW girl like myself.

We are now back in the groove of regular life. The kids are in their third week of school, I'm working 5 days a week at the library and My-Army-Guy is doing his usual.

P-Diddle is now in 7th grade. He is in BAND and is one of the DRUMMERS which means he plays drums at school and then carts a xylophone (he calls them "the bells") back and forth every day and practices on "the bells" with unsharpened pencils at home. I am still trying to figure the whole deal out.

P-Diddle has an amazing and untapped musical ability. He can hear a song once and sing/riff it all the way through the next day remembering 80% of the words. I also got the ball rolling for him to get guitar lessons.

Oh yeh, he's also turning into a PUBERTY PAIN IN THE ASS. I love him, don't get me wrong but he's at the I-have-to-have-the-last-sassy-word-no-matter-what stage. Good thing (for him) I've been through this two times already. I'm infinitely more patient than I was with E-Dude.

C-Bear is an 11th grader now. Luckily for me puberty is in the rear-view mirror for her. She has recently become more pleasant and reasonable. YIPPEE! At school last week, she did some fast talking and class shuffling and got herself into AP English. She's really enjoying the challenge and is punctuating her talk with new fancy-schmancy vocabulary words. It's educational for all of us. She comes up with some good ones- the shorter ones I'm filing away for my next Scrabble game. Who knew that committing Hara Kiri meant disembowelment? Not me... until now.

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Richard & Kathie said...

Edith...Scrabble game? hm I guess I better bone up for the next time we play..!!!
Good to hear about the kid doing well.Erik is still working away but we let him have two weeks off while Logan is here. Work is almost done for him.