Thursday, July 23, 2009


... that's you, dear reader.

Oh, I suck... okay? I just have not had a moment to even think about what to blog, let alone to actually write it.

Today was a day off for me and it started with a 6am wake up to get me and the kids to the dentist. I've been running since and now it's 8pm. I tried to cram every errand and appointment possible in to the day.

Husband just got off the phone with the vet who had the results of Barney's blood work. Barney has nothing wrong with his insides EXCEPT (and most possibly) his heart. He has to have an EKG and maybe we can figure out the reason for the seizures. She did say he looks fabulous for a 9 year old dog and the blood work says his guts couldn't be be healthier.

Other than this, I can't promise I'll be writing much more than sporadically over the next few weeks because we have guests coming on Monday and will be travelling and HAVING FUN.

After that comes the start of school... August 18th.

Oh... and we found out that Husband gets his Master Sgt. rank on August 1st. YIPPEE!!

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AirmanMom said...

congrats to Thom!!!
Have fun doing what all you need to do! this summer certainly flew by!