Saturday, July 18, 2009

Aaah... Weekend.

Nothing like a job to make you appreciate the weekend, right? In celebration of the invention of Saturday and Sunday, we are taking in the Harry Potter movie, bowling and being lazy. Love that.

Last night, I finally got a good night's sleep. It's been so hot in the house that zzzzzzs are fitful if not impossible. If it's 75 degrees outside, it's 85 degrees inside (and so on). Last night a cool front blew in over Belgium and we were able to sleep soundly without the fan blowing on us all night... bliss.

My job is great! It's not particularly stressful and I work with some very smart and nice women. Most of them are European and speak several languages (which I'm always impressed with). There is one other American - she's in her 20s and really has never lived in the US - you meet a lot of kids over here like that.

The job is a great way for me to meet new people and gleen information about the area, where to travel and stay, what to read, what movies are good bets (the library has a huge collection of DVDs)). It's nice for me to have a life again outside the house.

In other news, we are having worries about Barney, our Golden Retriever. He's had two seizures recently both right after running hard. Since he's nine years old, it's a little implausable that he has developed epilepsy at this late date. The other possibility is a brain tumor or some type of poisoning (pesticides mainly). We have to take him to a Belgian vet this week and I hope we'll be able to communicate okay... stressful.

On that happy note - Bon Week-end!

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