Monday, June 22, 2009


The Wedding

We got dressed in a mad scramble and headed to Ski for the wedding of my cousin T. to her fiance Peter. Here we are decked out in our frippery...

T. is the oldest daughter of my dad's twin brother. My father and his twin both had three children of almost the same ages... unfortunately we lived half a world away from each other.

We still got together occasionally. My family visited Norway in 1976 and T. and I hit it off in fine fashion. She came to the U.S. to visit us for the summer of 1981 (I was 15, she was 17) and I went to Norway (as I've mentioned) in 1982. We were close friends and cousins. When we tearfully hugged each other goodbye that summer in 1982, I had no idea that it would 27 years before I would see her again.

On Friday, T. married her sweetheart Peter in her town's old church that dates back 1000 years.

T. and her sister after the ceremony.

me and my Norwegian Tante

After the wedding, the family gathered across the street for a nice dinner and get together. It was so wonderful to see these people again... I can't even express what a special day it was for me (and I wasn't the one getting married!)

My cousinsThe food was fabulous!

My other cousin and her husband

Norwegian Tante speaking at the dinner

After the party, my cousin, my family and several of the children visited my Uncle's grave. He was buried there at the church graveyard. We left flowers and paid our respects.

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