Monday, June 22, 2009

Norway: Friday

Laying things to rest

I had butterflies in my belly, was both excited and nervous to see the rest of my family on Friday afternoon at the wedding. That morning, I think that all the anticipation and pent-up emotion led to a little breakdown and a really ugly cry in front of my cousin when her mother came up in conversation.

I think there was also a lot going on for me as far as closure goes. My dad's twin brother died last year a few days before my own father died. A few years earlier, my cousin's parents sadly passed away (2000, 2003) and I hadn't really put all that into perspective... and into reality. This trip, everything really gelled for me and I think in addition to the great joy I was feeling at seeing everyone again, there was a lot of unfinished grief too.

My lovely cousin suggested the perfect elixer... a trip to the cemetery for some healing time. Visiting the graves of loved ones is an important and oft ritual for Norwegians. My father would often visit his ancestor's resting places when he returned to Norway.

We all packed in the car and drove into downtown. We parked and walked to buy some flowers and then walked back to the cemetery...

My spirit was revived and we all went up the street for a coffee and enjoyed the beautiful morning and had some laughs. We rushed home to dress for the wedding afterwards.