Monday, June 15, 2009

the good, the bad, the ugly.

Holy Schmokes... I hit the Dou Dou (yes, pronounced doodoo) Fest down in Mons today. It's a massive celebration marking the greatness of St. Waudrau who did something fabulous during the Great Plague and "made" the plague end. Every year since then, there is a week long celebration that involves pushing a cart up a hill, tons of beer and other nutty (and sometimes dangerous) Belgian revelry.

Part of the week-long party was a big sidewalk sale today. It was a mob, I kid you not. At one point it took us 20 minutes to travel 20 feet. I was thankful to be tall otherwise I would have been buried in a mass of humanity (mostly armpits and elbows) too long for comfort.

I also went with my friend Cindy on a quick trip up to Brussels to the Neuhaus chocolate factory. OMG I am stuffed to the gills with chocolate... all samples. Every chocolate they had for sale, they had an open box for trying. Blech. The chocolates are fabulous though, I just overdid it in true Edith fashion.

In other news, it's craziness this week. Husband and I are getting ready for our trip to Norway, buying chocolates, and appropriate wedding clothes. We spent an unpleasant afternoon on Saturday... mandatory shopping. P-Diddle and Husband weren't thrilled.

Sunday, we were going to go to Bastogne for the day but Husband had to bail. He's been having terrible back pain. Today he went to the doctor and it was confirmed that he has arthritis (mild for now). We knew that arthritis ran in his family and were mildly suspicious that it was the culprit but now it's for real. I have to do some research on pain control. He was sent home with advil and orders for physical therapy

Now Husband is understandably in the dumps. He's worried he will be too debilitated to ride his motorcycle, to work every day and keep up with P.T. We'll see.

Think a good thought for him, K?

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