Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Driving in Belgium

“Show ‘em the hand” is what My-Army-Guy and I usually say when we need someone to “drive nice”. The definition of “the hand” isn’t something obscene, it just means a nice wave and acknowledgement. It works in some parts of the states. In others, you get the finger in response.

We show the hand a lot in Belgium especially out here in farm country.
The roads aren’t made for two cars and many times the road is dug into the landscape between fields… dug down about five feet with three foot fields of velvety wheat on top of that. Essentially you are driving blind down a massive gutter on a curvy one-way street hoping a harried farmer on a giant piece of field equipment doesn’t come around the corner at an inopportune time.

We’ve heard that during sugar beet harvest, the roads are a mess and the farmers will not back up or accommodate a passenger vehicle so you have to turn around or wait. We haven't experienced that yet.
We meet cars constantly (like pictured above) but I have had nothing but genial experiences driving here so far. Luckily… the roads are pretty desolate out where we’re at.
Belgians respond nicely to “the hand”… perhaps they even invented it.

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