Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Overseas Commissary Coupons

I blogged about a month ago about our local commissary here in Belgium and WOW did I get a lot of blog activity! Here's the blog entry: http://edithmills.blogspot.com/2009/05/chievres-belgium-commissary.html I promised to find out more about coupons and using them at the Chievres Commissary and low and behold I got an email from a Leslie Parkinson on that very subject.

Lesley Parkinson, has recently launched CouponsToTroops.com. It's a organization matching overseas military families with coupon clippers back in the states:

"CouponsToTroops.com is your source for information on a greatly needed way that Americans can show their support for our military families who are stationed overseas, by simply mailing your unwanted and expired manufacturer's coupons.."
She has matched me up with three people who will now start mailing me coupons. Fabulous! I love to save money! If you would like to have her match you up with some coupons, email her here: hcwsbp@gmail.com
Thank you Leslie and coupon clippers for your good works! We really really appreciate you.

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Sharon Martin said...

I recently joined a women's association in my neighborhood in Florida. We are collecting coupons for the overseas troops but have not yet found anyone to send these coupons to. If anyone is interested in receiving coupons for use in the commisary please contact me at smartin282@cfl.rr.com