Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Lion Mound seen from the battlefield
Husband had the day off yesterday and the kids were in school so we decided to venture over to Waterloo (40 minutes from us) and check it out.

Waterloo, Belgium (for those of you rusty on your history) is the location of Napolean's last battle - the battle that put Napolean Bonaparte's rule as French Emperor to an end. On June 18, 1815 on the day after a terrible rain, the French did battle with the Allies (Prussian, British and Dutch) resulting in what must have been a big mud pie of death and bodily damage... 9,500 dead and 33,000 injured.

If you are a history buff and want to brush up on Napolean's last battle here is wikipedia's take on it: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Waterloo

The battlefield now has an awesome Lion Mound pictured above. You can huff and puff your way to the top for a terrific view of the battlefields. There is also a cultural center with a theatre and gift shop. There is also a Panorama (a 360 degree painting) and a wax museum across the street from the Lion Mound monument and the cultural center.

ADVICE: Take the bus tour, walk up to the top of the mound. Maybe watch the films but they are cheesyriffic at best. The Panorama and wax museum were in sad disrepair, damaged by moisture, poor lighting and dust so thick you couldn't really enjoy the costumes or display cases.
Another selfie

Up the stairs to the top
A cut out at the base of the Panaroma erected in 1912

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Richard & Kathie said...

What a handsome couple...You are getting good Thom holding the camera!! Can hardly wait to soak up the history when we get to come visit you. Right now our new "Money Pit" is taking all our time.