Monday, May 25, 2009

To Pee or Not to Pee

We had a great Saturday - went to see Star Trek up in Brussels where they were playing the movie in Original Version (no dubbing, just subtitles). We all loved it!

We shared a popcorn and drink and then when it came time leave we were funneled out of the theatre and out to the street like cattle. No detours or backtracking allowed for the bathroom. So we pop out of the theatre building into an area kind of like the Seattle Center... monuments, Little Europe, Beer Park, lots going on.

Of course we had to pee. Who doesn't have to pee after a movie? We search through Little Europe, no toilets. We walk down through the park by the Iron Atom statue, no toilets. And to top it off, everywhere we look there are soccer fans partying, thousands of them, drunk, staggering and dressed in yellow and red, loud music, buses and beer (you'd think there would be porta-potties?).

We get to our car, which is right in the middle of all the revelry and we can't figure out how to get out with all the soccer fans and their blocking buses. We inch forward anyway hoping no one will pummel us with beer bottles or jump on or in front of the van. Now about 20 minutes have elapsed and we are desperate. We edge our way through about four detours through the park, dodging bodies, moving barricades, smiling and waving at disgruntled partiers and finally we get out of the park. But alas, we are stuck in soccer traffic around the soccer stadium for another 30 minutes. Finally we get onto the motorway.

Our desperate destination... IKEA in Anderlecht (a suburb) for toilets and cheap dinner.

I input Anderlecht into the GPS and off we go but instead of driving by IKEA on the highway and getting off like we normally do, the GPS (being all smart and all) sends us off on a "shortcut" to downtown Anderlecht and on another 15 minutes detour from the bathrooms.

We finally made it (a full hour at least after the movie) and the day was saved and nobody had an accident but it sort of took the rosy glow off the fabulous movie... couldn't think or talk about anything but peeing afterwards.

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Mindy said...

nothing like good family fun to bring you all closer.

pee is a big topic of conversation around here... potty training a two year old - bet you really miss those days huh?

thanks for more good laughs... i could picture all of you and the revelers.

we were in italy in 2006 when they won the world cup... it was like 4th of July, New Years & the Superbowl all rolled into one. Fireworks, champagne and honking for hours. good fun.