Friday, May 08, 2009

Tell me what you think

...I can take it.

I changed the entire blog focus since it was always ME writing about the family, our activities and my thoughts. Originally I thought the blog would be something that My-Army-Guy would contribute to but I think over the past three years that has happened once (except for his Iraq emails).


Anonymous said...

You are a big ol' dork.

yer husband

PS there, I contributed!

Mindy said...

Edith... it looks great! I like seeing your artistic side. You are so good with the words... you deserve a blog that reflects YOUR personal style.

Ok, time to get Drake down for a nap. I've been faithfully reading, and I will comment later on your big post regarding culture shock. In short, You are so lucky! and I did pay a lot of taxes.

Hugs, Mindy