Friday, May 29, 2009

My Grandma

This was written by my Uncle Jeff and posted with his permission:

Here's a candid shot of your sweet old grandmother enjoying her 92nd birthday party with at least 20 people she'd never meet before in a bar in the Valley. Sheryl (that's my Aunt) had gone in to meet some friends, I and Colton, with your grandmother in tow, went into give her a ride home. Mom struck up a conversation with the kid in the photo who had just turned 21 and before long the entire bar was crowded around Mom and her new friends singing happy birthday and buying her drinks. Do birthdays get any better than that? I was in another room with Colton who wasn't old enough to go in to that part of the bar and therefore had no part in orchestrating anything. Imagine her celebrating a birthday with a candle on a cup cake and a bowl of Jell-O. Just doesn't come to mind does it? The original party animal, your grandmother.
Uncle Jeff

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Richard & Kathie said...

Your Grammie Just Working the ROOM. WHAT a kick we should all be so lucky to be like her at 92!
K and R