Friday, May 15, 2009


I mentioned our local epicerie a few days ago. Epicerie literally means “spice shop” in French but it has evolved here to mean the everything store/mini-mart where you can go for milk, cheese, eggs, beer, wine, candy butter, etc. P-Diddle likes to swing in here on his bike and pick up a fanta drink as a treat. I’ve also been in to buy bread for an emergency French Toast dinner.

Mouchart’s pictured above isn’t the quaint looking Belgium shop you were imagining, is it? It’s about a year old, I think, because when we got here the grand opening signs were still on it. What cracked us up was the fact that not only do they sell your basic eats and drinks but they also sell mesuit - which is heating oil for your house (just like heating oil in the states but a different blend), grains for the animals, coal for the stove. There is a drive through beverage center – hence the garage door. To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what the drive through is for because I’ve never seen a car in there.

Notice all the beer signs on the exterior of Mouchart’s? Did I mention they have really excellent beer here in Belgium and in a million varieties?!! There is a brewery up north a bit from us in a town called Silly (yes, that’s really the name). It sounds like an excuse for a trip so I can blog all about it.

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