Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jour de conge

Today is a jour de conge (day off) in Belgium. It's the Ascension of Jesus holiday. Hey didn't we just celebrate that at Easter?

Here's the kicker with the holidays around here. Husband always has to work on Belgian holidays and C-Bear and P-Diddle get them off. So my two kidlets are sleeping in right now (it's 10am) and Husband had to get up at 5am because he's going to the Netherlands for a "live remote" at a cemetery in celebration of our U.S. Memorial Day. He gets a four day weekend beginning tomorrow and the kids go to school both Friday and Monday. Oh well, it gives me some nice time alone either with my man or my kids.

In celebration of the Ascension of Jesus, me and the kids are going for a bike ride, watch some Beevis and Butthead dvds from the library and maybe go somewhere looking for a Ascending Jesus parade or something.

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Mindy said...

love the new profile pic. what cutie.