Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Don't let anything go to waste!

It’s admirable to me how devoted Europeans are to recycling… I’m sure a lot of it’s out of necessity. Everything here from gas to housing to groceries is considerably more expensive than in the states.

As far as garbage goes, our family of four uses only one 13 gallon bag a week now. The rest goes to the recycling center.

This house, pictured above, takes recycling to a fascinating new level. Here is a house with a big crack down the center of it that we drive by daily. It would probably be condemned in the states. I’ve been watching as they reshape this old place. I don’t know when it was originally built but I guess it doesn’t matter… it’s being repaired and reused.

Here’s another one that is getting a new wall.

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military check designs said...

Would be interesting to see how they end up filling that as it looks as if even if they did it might fall down