Monday, May 18, 2009

Bowling at SHAPE

I’m sick today. No big deal just a cold that’s developed into a nice juicy cough. I took Nyquil last night and this morning I feel all spongy (that’s how I describe it). Blech. I was a little sicky yesterday but that still didn’t keep me from bowling. Husband, P-Diddle and I go bowling every Sunday at the SHAPE Pizza Bowl.

At first we started this ritual to help P-Diddle learn to bowl and to enjoy a family activity. It’s evolved into more than that… it’s dog-eat-dog between my husband and I to see who will cook Sunday dinner and then clean up… best two out of three games. Last weekend I won, this weekend he won so we’re fairly close. We’ve even been thinking about buying our own bowling balls… aha, how’s that for dorky?!!!!

P-Diddle has really improved and now almost weekly scores at least one game into the low-100s and he absolutely loves it.

Next weekend C-Bear will start to come with us. She has been working weekends at the Chievres Burger King since we got here and now is taking a month long break to bring her grades up (ahem) before end of term. I know we’ll have to drag her there kicking and screaming but she will see the light, I know.


Mindy said...

Edie ~ Sounds like you guys are having so much fun. I like your bowling competition... Ron & I used to that with cribbage BC (Before children).

Now we just try to see who can stay awake past 10 pm. Ha.
Good for you for "making" the kids do it. Its good for them.

Have a great day!

Richard & Kathie said...

You Go PAT!!! only a matter of time before Mom and Dad have to watch you sail on by them with your high scores.
Grammy and Grampy