Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Seester

I swear I'll post about every day life... we do have one.

But we DID go to Paris last weekend for the second time. This time we went without kids, took the super fast train, stayed overnight and met up with my sister and her hubby. They were in Paris at the tail end of their French bicycling vacation.

I'm in love with Paris. I never thought I would say it and have never really had a burning, lifelong desire to visit Paris or France for that matter... but after our last two visits, Husband and I both could retire there and live happily ever after.

As for French people being arrogant and snotty... they are no snottier and chilly than the city dwellers of the northern U.S. Definitely not as effusive and warm as American southerners but hey, I'm used to Pacific NW bluntness and that is what I'm most comfortable with.

So back to this past visit... we met up with my sis around 10am and spent the day walking around the city visiting parks, Notre Dame, rue de Rivoli, the fashion district, the Latin district and enjoying a terrific lunch in a Brasserie we stumbled upon.
Dinner was also amazing and we enjoyed French specialties and all had a taste... escargot, foie gras, creme brulee, duck, pate and lots of wine. Afterwards we hit a bunch of sidewalk cafes and enjoyed cheap wine and people watching until the wee hours of the morning.

It was fabulous. Please come visit so I have an excuse to go again!


Mindy Loves to Garden said...

Edith - I a agree about Paris. There is something magical. Ron & I went there ten years ago and we adored it. Can't get it out of my mind. He has had a conference in Luzern, Switzerland everyother summer for the last 8 years. But we keep going to Italy. It is so seductive. But I have had french fantasies I must admit. I am hoping that we might go in 2010. I bet we would go this year, but Drake is such a wild animal, I don't know how enjoyable it would be with a crazy two-year old. Enjoy! Go over and over and over!
Maybe I can convince Ron to go to Belgium?! How long do you think you will be there? Hugs, Mindy

Edith Mills said...

we'll be here for three years until January 2012. Yes, please come visit or we could meet up somewhere

Christina said...

I miss it already. Look at us in our frenchy scarves. Miss you!!