Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Chunnel

We finally got to go through the Chunnel yesterday! For me it was a fascinating proposition... travelling under a huge body of water... very cool!

I don't know why I thought this but I was under the impression that we would actually drive through an underground tunnel... but no, the way it works is you drive onto a train and take a 35 minute train trip through a pitch black tunnel until you come out on the other end. You're instructed to turn off your engines and leave your windows halfway down. It gets pretty warm in there! It reminded me a lot of taking the ferry from Bainbridge to Seattle. Even the flourescent lighting was similar. They also make a 5 minute speech at the beginning of "take off" in a few different languages.

Here's some pictures: The first is of customs in Calais, France. England is almost as strict about border crossing as the U.S. is (the rest of Europe is not in my experience - not even checking passports).

In the second picture you can see our train and the ramp we drove down to board the train. The other pictures show the tour bus driving onto the train (pretty tight fit) and then what it looked like out of the bus while we were underway beneath the English Channel.

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Mindy Loves to Garden said...

Edie - The day you posted his I had Bror read about the Chunnel. He was fascinated. You are hilarious!

Regarding the garden - I would trade my ginormous work intensive garden to living in Europe and admiring another way of life in a heart beat. You are a lucky duck!
Happy Easter,
Love Mindy