Thursday, February 05, 2009

St. Gertrude Collegiate Church

We've been checking out our immediate area. Here is a magnificent church in Nivelles, Belgium consecrated in the year 1046 in the presence of Henry III, Emperor of the Holy Germanic Empire. It is massive... the central Nave is 102 meters long (making it one of the longest in the world).

We wanted to take a tour but unfortunately there were none being held that day in English. In fact there was not a lick of English anywhere on the premises so we just kind of fumbled around and spoke in hushed voices trying to be inconspicuous and hoping we wouldn't get arrested for trespassing. The factoids above, though, are true and are from a tourist magazine we picked up at the hotel.

Here are some other pictures of our wanderings in Nivelles.

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Christina said...

Really cool, E. Wish I was there witchoo.