Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Life at the chateau

Meet our downstairs neighbor... horsey 1 of 7 (I don't know their names yet)

This week, My-Army-Guy and I are taking a class (mandatory for him) called Head Start Belgium. Yesterday, we had many different speakers educating us on all the fabulous facilities and benefits here available to us on SHAPE and at Chievres Air Base. Today we started day one of four of French lessons... c'est magnifique!

We are settling into our new place. We've been here over a week. Our first day here we took two deliveries: one was our Unaccompanied Baggage (bedding, few dishes etc), the other was "Lending Locker" stuff. The military provides us with loaner furniture while we wait on our own belongings. The appliances and wardrobes will stay for the three years. It's not the swankiest stuff but hey, it got us out of the hotel and it's free... I'm grateful. I'm posting more photos of the place plus some of the lending locker furniture for my friend Cindy who is arriving in Belgium within the month.

Also VERY EXCITING... My-Army-Guy and I are beginning the 20th Anniversary celebration of our marriage by taking a Valentines Day trip to Paris. We've decided to take four day trips over the next month and whoop it up. The first is Paris, then maybe to a wine tasting in Germany and we haven't really discussed the other two but I'm voting for a trip to Antwerp... the diamond capital of the world.

Our "garage/front door" is the one of these in the picture at right.
Castle Tower


Bed, nightstands and lamps on loaner

Wardrobe (of which we get 5 for the full three years) and dresser

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Richard & Kathie said...

Carol must be estatic over the horses. And Pat haven't seen you in a whole lot of pictures getting camera shy my grandson?
K and R