Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We Found A Home!

... and this isn't it. But we live a few feet from this castle in the carriage house.

We can't believe our luck... we are so excited about this place! It has something for everyone. The biggest yard imaginable (acres and acres) for Barney walks, chickens and peacocks for the cats to watch, formal courtyard garden off the master bedroom, big bedrooms, a bathroom in C-Bear's room that she doesn't have to share, a massive great room with exposed beams and a fireplace and character galore for me and Husband! The size of the place (even though it's smaller than what we are used to in the states) is a huge plus because houses in Belgium are small, without closets and often have peaked roofs that make walking upstairs difficult.

The apartment is in an 1880s carriage house. BUT HERE'S THE BEST PART... it's the carriage house for a castle that belongs to a Belgian Baron and his wife (they visit mostly in the summer so it's closed down now for the winter). The castle is from the middle ages and it's pretty impressive. There is an old Roman road that leads to it (still in use).

The lady who gave us a tour says they invite all the tenants to use the grounds as they please and it's huge... with pastures, horses, pheasants etc. I've shown pictures here but it's just bits of the big picture. When I took these pictures I didn't actually think we would get the place so I wasn't very thorough.

We will share the property with three other tenants (1 on each side of us) and the landlady who lives in a building behind us. Oh yeh, and the Baron when he comes in the summer.

You get to the unit by driving up to this big long white building with 3 or 4 big, black, wood, arched double doors. The first one or two are actually stables where we met the resident horses and a pony. The second door is the place where the carriage used to be parked and will be used as our garage. Inside our garage and to the back there is a storage area. Attached to that is a creepy dark wine cellar and across from that - a dark cobbled staircase straight out of the movies that leads up to a huge private courtyard with a formal garden and fruit trees. All the units open on the courtyard (ours also has a door that opens onto it from our apartment upstairs) and I guess in the summer we all share the fruit from the trees.

Back in the garage, there's a staircase that winds up to the door of our place... here's some pictures of the apartment.

We sign the lease Friday and after that I'll post more pictures.

You can see the carriage house on the far left of the shot

Husband standing in the great room.

The kitchen where the washer and dryer will be.

Other side of the big living room.
Courtyard, English Garden
Master Bedroom looking out over courtyard.
C-Bears room with blue wallpaper.
Bathroom off  C-Bear's room


Richard & Kathie said...

AWESOME House!!! And Your welcome for the stay.
K and R

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Cindy Rogers said...

If you don't already have neighbors, sign us up!!! It looks like we won't be there unitl the first week of March, but still, we'll see you soon!! Cindy