Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Update... nothing new.

Well here we are still waiting in Georgia. No orders to move yet and we have been extended another month until the first week in January.

This isn't the worst thing that could happen, I guess. At least I know where we'll all be for the holidays and we'll be able to put up a Christmas tree and BEST OF ALL have E-Dude come home for three weeks. He'll be home on December 13th. Just knowing that has put a little spring back into my step. I miss him!! Husband hasn't seen E-Dude since dad's funeral at the beginning of May.

My 1972 Karmann Ghia died finally. Something evil happened in the engine that mixed a ton of gas into the oil and an entire tankful of gas rapidly dripped out, through the engine, onto the garage floor. EGAD! At first we thought it was the carburetor and we changed some gaskets and fiddled with it, but alas, it's much worse than carb trouble... it needs a new engine. Today, I'm going to turn in the license plates, I've dropped the insurance, Husband and I are going to drain all the fluids and have it towed to a storage area somewhere nearby. When we get back from Belgium in three years we'll get her going again.

Husband just told me yesterday that we are going to have six hungry soldiers over for Thanksgiving and I'm looking forward to cooking for a crowd. Actually what I'm really looking forward to is spending Thanksgiving with Husband. He has been home only 4 of the last 8 of them.

I'm taking an art class online... very exciting. It's called Personal Symbols and involves fabric/textile collages etc. Today marks the third week and I'm already behind. After writing this I need to go paint some material!

So, while we are waiting around we have been enjoying the gorgeous fall weather here in the south by going on a lot of motorcycle excursions. Our last one was to Tybee Island (about 45 minutes away). Big fun and lots of giggles - here are some pictures:

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