Monday, September 22, 2008

Sorting, Throwing, Shredding, Packing...

moving from pile to pile, choking on dust bunnies. Getting through all the JUNK.

We've been organizing... what to store while we are overseas such as appliances since the voltage is different over there. Books, photos and most clothes for hot climes are also in the "store" pile.

We've been buying... warm clothes, underwear and shoes that actually cover our feet.

We've been sorting and pricing for a garage sale... all of the stuff we're done with, doesn't fit, don't like any more. Oh, and all of our cleaning supplies, paint, yard chemicals, propane, batteries and oil gotta go into a pile to give away or sell too.

It's overwhelming. And still no word on the orders. They are backlogged. Husband will know more this week.

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